Ezra Miller has Apologised to Warner Bros for Bringing Negative Media Attention

On June 23, 2023, a new DC movie titled The Flash will be released. The Flash is based on the 1940 comic book character of the same name developed by Gardner Fox and designer Harry Lampert. Ezra Miller will play the part of him. However, as you are aware, the actor has had a rough era marked by grudges, many allegations, and arrests. Because of this, many worry that Warner Bros may ultimately decide not to rerelease the movie and to limit their connection with Miller.

However, for the time being, this theory appears to be invalid. According to Entertainment Weekly, the actor and his agent Scott Metzger met with Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy, two new Warner Bros. execs, on Wednesday. 

The talk reportedly focused on the actor’s continued commitment to the movie and how to “apologize for bringing unwanted publicity to the project and the firm,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Ezra Miller also spoke out about his previous actions.

Having recently been through a period of intense crisis, I now understand that I am suffering from complex mental health problems and have started treatment to overcome them. I want to apologize to everyone for my problematic past behavior. I will strive to do the work necessary to return to a healthy, safe, and productive phase of my life.

The actor had just been charged with burglary. He was previously charged with hosting a mother and her children in dangerous circumstances, participating in their disappearance, molestation of a friend, suffocating a fan, and even manipulating a young teenage Native American activist who is currently traveling with him for whom the parents have requested a restraining order. Additionally, Ezra Miller was detained twice in Hawaii for second-degree assault.