Brie Larson Looks Ultra Ripped, Shares Her Insane Workout Routine

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“Carol Danvers is the most powerful character in Marvel.” as said by Kevin Feige, boss of Marvel Studios. 

In 2023, Captain Marvel will make her long-awaited return to the big screen, but she won’t do things alone. The movie, titled The Marvels , will actually introduce some new hitters, including Monica Rambeu and Ms. Marvel, which is set to debut on her own Disney Plus show.

As a superhero (at least off the big screen) you are not born, but made, Larson has taken this role very seriously and has not stopped training since Marvel signed her. 

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Brie Larson knows how to put in the work and has shown impressive strength on her Instagram continuously, Brie can lift some serious weight, She would walk up a hill without being out of breath to doing 400-pound hip thrusts, deadlift 200 pounds, and even pushing her Jeep during her training for Captain Marvel.

Here are some impressive workout clips from her own Instagram: