Andrew Tate Retains Lawyer with Ties to Chris Brown and Michael Jackson to Appeal Detention

Andrew Tate Appeal

The Tate brothers have hired Tina Glandian, a prominent attorney, to challenge their detention. Glandian is well-known for representing high-profile clients, including former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson.

How Andrew Tate ended up in Jail?

The last few months have not been very kind for the Internet celebrity or Top G, Andrew Tate, an Infamous UK celebrity and a former professional kickboxing champion. After indulging in a virtual battle with the 19-year-old environmentalist Greta Thunberg, Tate got arrested just a week later on the ground for human trafficking investigation. And since then, Top G and his brother Tristan Tate have been in jail and have been trying to get bail. 

The British millionaires Andrew and Tristan Tate made another attempt to get out of custody, and on Wednesday, February 1, they were taken to the Bucharest Court of Appeal, which judges a new appeal against the decision to extend the arrest warrants issued in their name. 

Is Andrew Tate out of Romania jail?

The brothers Tristan Tate and Andrew Tate remain in preventive detention and will be held for a further 30 days after the Bucharest Court of Appeal rejected their appeals on Wednesday. 

Andrew Tate, a 36-year-old dual citizen of the UK and the US with over 5 million Twitter followers, came on Wednesday at the Bucharest Court of Appeal with his brother Tristan Tate, who is being jailed in the same case along with two Romanian women. The court denied all four appeals, and the defendant will stay in detention until February 27 as the prosecution looks into the matter.

Andrew Tate hires a new lawyer for his case

The Tate brothers hired a team of lawyers led by Tina Glandian, who defended several American stars, such as Mike Tyson, Chris Brown, and Michael Jackson. In such high-profile instances, Glandian has a tonne of expertise. She joining the squad may therefore be advantageous for the Tate brothers. 

Tina Glandian spoke out on the extension of the Tate brothers’ detainment, stating that their extended imprisonment without charge for over 30 days constitutes a violation of their international human rights. She emphasized on Piers Morgan Uncensored that being controversial does not equate to committing a crime. 

Is Andrew Tate Guilty?

The Tate brothers have consistently denied the allegations against them since their detainment. In media appearances, Andrew and Tristan have claimed that their arrest has a political motive and that the Romanian authorities lack sufficient evidence. Today, Tate loudly proclaimed his innocence to reporters as he headed to court.

What did Andrew Tate and his brother, Tristate Tate, do?

The two British brothers and their accomplices – a former policewoman and Andrew Tate’s girlfriend – have been in custody since December 30, 2022. DIICOT accuses the Tate brothers and the two young accomplices of constituting a criminal group organized for the purpose of recruitment, accommodation, and exploitation by f*rcing some women to create materials with p**nographic Content intended for distribution for a fee on profile websites. From these activities, he would have obtained huge sums of money.

Tate brothers recruited Y*ung Women for their Ad*lt Content

According to the prosecutors, the Tate brothers recruited y*ung women under the pretext of starting a love relationship, after which they took them to a house in Ilfov County, where they were f*rced to produce video clips that were then posted on websites for ad*lts. The two brothers misled young women that they wanted a marriage/cohabitation relationship and that they had real feelings of love for them.

According to the victims, when they arrived at the villa in Ilfov County, they found it had been transformed into a video chat studio guarded by armed individuals. They reported being compelled to receive tattoos with the “owned by Tate” inscription. So far, six victims have been identified who were s*xually exploited by the group led by the two British brothers.

Andrew Tate’s luxury cars were seized and properties raided

DIICOT initiated the seizure of the Tate brothers’ assets, including 10 buildings, houses, and lands, as well as 15 luxury vehicles: three Porsches, two BMWs, two Ferraris, an Aston Martin, a McLaren, a Lamborghini, and five Mercedes. The National Agency for the Administration of Unavailable Assets (ANABI) assumed control over the administration of luxury cars and watches and multiple sums of money, amounting to around $3.9 million.