Ana de Armas reveals how ‘Insecure’ she felt in her relationship with Ben Affleck

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Ana de Armas entered Hollywood recently and got a Golden Globe nomination for her performance in ‘Knives out. Ana de Armas has observed significant growth in her international popularity.

Since she dominated the headlines throughout her almost one-year-long romantic engagement with Ben Affleck, fame has also impacted her emotionally.

According to the media, the couple’s separation was caused by them being “in separate phases in their life.” De Armas has stated that he and Affleck get along well, but the pressure from the media made him feel more uneasy around her.

“I’ve never been the type of person who seeks attention unrelated to my profession. Therefore, when the focus isn’t on my work, it irritates me, and I feel like it’s rude, improper, unsafe, and hazardous. But I’m not sure where you can find safety, particularly in this nation.

Her recent film, Blonde, has become one of the year’s most controversial movies. Despite a 14-minute standing ovation at the Venice film festival, The film has gathered a lot of controversies because of the portrayal of Marilyn Monroe.

Blonde is an adaptation of the fictional novel by Joyce Carol Oates. Even some staff confirmed that Monroe was paranormally present on set, blending in with Ana de Armas.

Including sensual scenes in the movie has been one of the most contentious aspects of the controversy. De Armas said:

I’m sure that will go viral, which isn’t very good. Even just imagining it isn’t very pleasant. You genuinely do not influence what people do or how they interpret events. Therefore I can’t regulate it either. Thinking about the future of such clips seems horrible taste to me.