Marvel: Deadpool 3, Avengers Secret Wars, and Fantastic Four have all been Delayed

marvel movies delayed

Several Marvel property projects have delayed their delivery dates. Disney halted the film’s production timetable. Other works in this project include “Blade,” “Deadpool 3,” “Fantastic Four,” etc. All of these movies’ release dates have been pushed back.

The release of several ‘Marvel films has been delayed.

The scheduled release date for “Blade” was November 3, 2023. The movie won’t debut until September 6, 2024.

However, Deadpool 3’s release date has been moved from September 6, 2024, to November 8. Fantastic Four will debut on February 14, 2025, instead of November 8, 2024.

Additionally, “Avengers: Secret Wars” has new release dates. The scheduled release date for this movie was November 7, 2025. The revised timeline states that May 1, 2026, has been set as the deadline.

The release date of an unnamed Marvel movie has been changed from February 14, 2025, to November 7, 2025.

However, nobody was surprised when the release of “Blade” was delayed by over a year. Because recent press reports indicate that Bassam Tariq has abandoned this project, putting the film’s direction in the hands of the unknown. They are thus awaiting a new director.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is the next Marvel film released in November, Also the last movie in the fourth phase of the “Marvel Cinematic Universe.”