Millie Bobby Brown says Henry Cavill keeps ‘Very Strict’ Boundaries in their Friendship

Millie Bobby Brown Henry Cavill Friendship

Enola Holmes season two has already premiered on Netflix, featuring the dynamic duo of Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill. They aim to captivate fans of thrillers, adventure, and crime films.

Brown portrays the titular character Enola, Sherlock Holmes’s sister, while Cavill embodies the role of Sherlock Holmes. This time, the two siblings have promised to be the perfect detective pair, but what is their real-life relationship like?

In an interview with Deadline, Brown revealed that her dynamic with Cavill is notably distinct from her relationships with the boys from Stranger Things.

Brown noted that Cavill had set personal boundaries with her, and she respects them. However, their dynamic vastly differs from her bond with the boys from Stranger Things, where she perceives them as brothers and feels no restrictions. Brown values Cavill’s treatment of her, affirming their connection is a genuine adult relationship.

While Brown initially met her Stranger Things co-stars, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, and Noah Schnapp, when they were all around the same age, the same cannot be said about her bond with Cavill.

Millie Bobby Brown says Henry Cavill keeps ‘Very Strict’ Boundaries in their Friendship

Brown emphasized one personal boundary that Cavill had placed on her, stating that he does not allow her to inquire about his personal life. Whenever she asks him a question, he reminds her that she “shouldn’t.” Despite this, Brown shared that Cavill is a “very reasonable” guy like Sherlock.

Brown’s admiration for Cavill’s treatment of her and their connection’s authenticity is apparent. The actress also revealed that she tries to push Cavill out of his comfort zone on and off the set to strengthen their bond as on-screen siblings, despite not having sisters in real life.