Dafne Keen is Rumored to Return as X23 alongside Hugh Jackman

Dafne Keen X23 Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman bid Wolverine farewell to Logan five years ago. Set in a future where X-Men have been forced to submit to a dreadful company, the film follows the adventures of an old Wolverine. However, Logan maintains a low profile hoping to lead a tranquil life. Wolverine meets X-23, played by Dagne Keen, a little child with the same mutation as him whom he will defend from the company.

X-23 quickly earned the public’s affection. Hugh Jackman and the young actress made a great team, and fans also adored their performances! 

As Wolverine makes his triumphant return in Deadpool 3, Dafne Keen discusses the helpful advice Hugh Jackman provided while filming Logan.

Dafne Keen discussed the experiences she had while working on the Logan movie during an interview with Marie Claire. 

Hugh Jackman was so great as the number one on set to teach me how to treat the staff. He was the brightest person on the team; he taught me how bad the distance between cast and crew is and that everyone should be treated the same. He was close to everyone on the team; he knew everyone’s names and received lottery tickets every week. I learned the tricks of the trade thanks to him, and I feel fortunate to have learned that from him,” said Dafne Keen.

Dafne Keen as X23 Potential Return

Regarding the likely comeback of Dafne Keene’s X-23, Grace Randolph stated. She said that given how well-received Keene’s X-23 was in previous iterations, Deadpool 3 might include her. Nothing is set in stone yet. Thus, Deadpool, Logan, and X-23 may team up or even make a cameo appearance.

Alongside James McAvoy and Ruth Wilson, Dafne Keen has appeared in the HBO series “His Dark Materials” as of 2019. Keen will also be featured shortly in “The Acolyte,” the next Star Wars series.