10 Funniest Breaking Bad Moments

Breaking Bad is one of the most popular tv shows in the world. It mixes drama, crimes, and even an old west flavor. The highly critically acclaimed series managed to gather a legion of fans. They became a landmark, even winning a movie and a spin-off.

Though the show was never a comedy, it had some funniest moments, which alone can take down most of the so-called “Sitcoms. ” The comedic timing of Walter White ( Bryan Cranston ) and Jessi Pinkman ( Aaron Paul ) was unmatchable in some of these moments. Though all these scenes were meant not to be funny, they were.

So here are 10 Funniest Breaking Bad Moments.”

1. A Robot?

Jessi and Walter decide to drive out in the middle of the desert to Cook Meth, To stay away from the public eye and not be caught. But their RV ends up running out of power because of Jessi.
Stuck out in nowhere, they both try to come up with ideas to start the RV. Jessi tries to motivate Walter and comes up with an idea to “make some kind of robot.”

 2. The Dinner Scene

When Skyler meets Jessi in her own house, She insists he joins them for Dinner. And so he did, which he might have regretted the most. This had to be one of the most awkward Dinners in the history of Films/ Tv Shows.

3. Roof Pizza

Walter brings Pizza to the house, hoping it cool things between him and Skyler. Still, Skyler refuses to eat the Pizza together. For which Walter gets angry, the outtake is just hilarious.

4. Gale Does Karaoke

During the investigation of Gale Boetticher’s Murder, Hank finds a tape of him singing to “Major Tom.”

5. Badger’s Star Trek Fan Fiction

6. Walt Quits the Car Wash

After Bogdan, the owner of the Car Wash where Walter worked, asks him to wipe the floors outside, Walter angrily quits the job most hilariously:

7. Aaaa… Wire !!

This is the same episode where Jessi comes up with an idea to make a Robot. When Walt asks Jessi to name an Element to conduct with, showing Jessi the Copper Wire, To which Jessi replies,”. Aaaa… wireee.”

8. Yeah Bitch! Magnets!

While coming up with an Idea to destroy the Laptop inside the police department, which contains the footage of Jessi and Walter cooking inside Gus Fring’s lab, Jessi suggests they use some kind of solid Magnet to destroy electronic devices.
When the Experiment worked, Jessi, in complete Joy, screamed YEAH BITCH! MAGNETS! OH!

9. Jesse messes around in the meth lab

All alone in the Meth lab, Jessi gets bored, not knowing what to do, and Decides to blow up the inside of his suit using a vacuum. It was one of the few times fans saw Jesse having fun and genuinely happy.

10. The Dissolving Bathtub Scene

Jesse and Walt decide to dissolve the body of Emilio Koyama in Hydrochloric Acid, Jessi tossed the body and acid in the bathtub, but it needed a Specific type of Plastic container Because Hydrochloric Acid won’t eat through Plastic, but it will penetrate through Glass or Metal.