Harrison Ford didn’t Think another Indiana Jones Movie was Necessary

Harrison Ford didn't Think Indiana Jones Movie Necessary

On November 24, 2023, Indiana Jones 5 will hit theaters. It will be the conclusion to the Harrison Ford–a starring saga about the fearless archaeologist that began in 1981. The Star of Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford, didn’t Think another Indiana Jones Movie was Necessary. Empire interviewed Ford for its cover story and to discuss this new endeavor.

Why Harrison Ford didn’t Think another Indiana Jones Movie was Necessary

It wasn’t necessary to make another one. Ford said it would be nice to see one where Indiana Jones was at the end of his journey. He added that he would accept “if a script came along that would give me a way to extend the character.”

Despite his doubts, the actor seems happy to have filmed Indiana Jones 5, even if the filming was difficult at times. The shooting was complex, lengthy, and tiring, but I’m thrilled with the film we have. It’s full of adventure, laughter, and genuine thrills. And it’s complex, and it’s sneaky. Indiana Jones films are about fantasy and mystery, but they are also about love. He said we have a great story and a movie that will rock.

Indiana Jones TV Series reportedly in the Works for Disney+

Although this will be Harrison Ford’s final expedition, the story of Indiana Jones will continue beyond the movie. Variety recently revealed that Disney Plus is in the early stages of developing a TV series.