Zendaya Cannot Understand Tom Hollands British Accent

Zendaya Tom Hollands British Accent

Zendaya and Tom Holland’s relationship has been the subject of much fan obsession since they first met on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2016. 

As Peter Parker’s love interest in the movie, Zendaya’s romantic relationship with Holland has been a constant source of gushing for fans, who analyze every little detail, from how Holland can sense Zendaya’s anxiety to the ring he supposedly gave her that was seen on her pinky.

However, in a recent interview, Zendaya revealed a natural habit of her boyfriend that she struggles with his British accent. Despite knowing each other for years, Zendaya still has trouble understanding Holland at times, particularly when it comes to his use of rhyming slang. 

“I love the ­British accent, but as much as Tom tries to explain it to me, I will never understand rhyming slang,” Zenday said.

Zendaya finds it cute when Holland explains the different phrases but admits she still doesn’t get it, citing the example of apples and pears used to refer to stairs.

“Like, I understand the concept, but what do apples and pears have to do with stairs? “It’s cute when he tells me all the different phrases, but I really don’t get it!”

While getting used to someone’s accent and slang from another country may be challenging, Zendaya and Holland’s relationship is still strong. 

Despite being high-profile celebrities, Holland and Zendaya have consciously decided to keep their romantic relationship out of the public eye. In 2021, when pictures of them kissing were leaked, Holland expressed disappointment at the loss of their privacy, stating that the downside of their fame was their lack of control over their personal lives. 

Recently, fans speculated about the possibility of the couple’s engagement after Zendaya flaunted a sizable diamond ring on Instagram.