Who was Erica Hoy? Young Australian Actress Dies After Fatal Car Crash

Who was Erica Hoy? Young Australian Actress Dies After Fatal Car Crash

While on a trip with her twin sister Lisa and her fiancé in Australia, 26-year-old actress Erica Hoy was tragically killed in a vehicle accident. The woman who started the collision ran away.

According to many media outlets, including the “Daily Mail” and the “New York Post,” Australian actress Erica Hoy, 26, was killed in a deadly accident on November 1 in Adelaide, Australia.

She was being driven today in a Toyota Prius by her twin sister Lisa and her boyfriend Mike Reader, 29, when they were struck by another vehicle operated by Carlie Eileen Richards, 38.

According to foreign media accounts, the woman reportedly ran away without helping the injured. She was taken into custody by the police a short while afterward.

In front of her sister and her lover, Erica Hoy was dying. They are receiving medical attention at the Royal Adelaide Hospital for their wounds.

Following treatment at Queen Elizabeth Hospital on Wednesday, Carlie Eileen Richard was determined to be mentally incompetent to stand trial.

She is also accused of fleeing the site of the collision and two charges of driving carelessly in addition to “causing death by risky driving, three counts of causing hurt by dangerous driving, and leaving the scene of the accident.”

Greg Hoy, the victim’s father, wished to honor his daughter in “The Advertiser,” stating she was “a bright, joyful, and wonderful young woman.”

“I’m glad she didn’t die alone,” she says after learning that she was with her sister and her boyfriend. “She was coming back from an acting course …when it happened.”

Who was Erica Hoy?

A rising actress, Erica Hoy was born in the UK in 1996. Lisa was Erica’s twin sister. Before they relocated to Australia in 2015, they were taken to a Japanese mother and an Australian father.

At Flinders University, Lisa and Erica took language and arts courses and had a similar interest in movies.

The Reality of Humanity, a web series that featured Erica Hoy, was shown at the Adelaide Film Festival in 2021.

In the 2020 miniseries Jo-Anne Spirit Guide, she was viewed as the main character. Hoy appeared in the school musical Alice in Wonderland before beginning her professional career.

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