‘Wednesday’ Season Two Could Move to Amazon Prime Video

Wednesday Season Two Amazon Prime Video

Wednesday, a brand new Netflix TV series set in the Narrative Universe of The Addams Family, continues to be one of the most-watched shows on the platform. It is almost impossible that a second season will not be made. However, the days go by, and Netflix still does not announce the renewal. This delay, it has been rumored, may be the result of Amazon’s merger agreement being finalized with MGM, the production firm behind the successful program.

The Addams Family rights are, in fact, owned by MGM, which merged with Jeff Bezos ‘ platform in January 2023. It is still possible that Netflix will reach an agreement to keep the rights to the series for the next few seasons. However, the tremendous success of the series and the fierce competition between the platforms could make negotiation easier.

Deadline reports that Amazon does not intend to make all MGM material exclusively available through Prime Video, so at some time in the future, MGM movies and TV episodes could be streamable on other services. This implies that despite worries from fans about its future, Netflix is likely to continue to release Wednesday, an MGM Television production.