Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ Reality Show Was ‘Cruel’ and ‘Rigged,’ Say Contestants

Netflix Squid Game

Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ Reality Show Was ‘Cruel’ and ‘Rigged,’ Say Contestants. A reality show inspired by the popular Korean series “Squid Game” has caused controversy and sparked outrage among the contestants who claim to have been subjected to inhumane conditions. The show, which premiered in 2021, features 456 contestants competing for a $4.56 million prize, the largest ever given out on a TV game show. 

However, the production of the show has been criticized by the contestants, who reported that at least 10 people collapsed during the filming process, which involved spending up to nine hours in a freezing airport hanger for a game that was only supposed to last two hours.

Despite Netflix’s denial of the severity of the situation, reports from Rolling Stones, who spoke to three contestants, paint a different picture. According to these anonymous contestants, they were woken up at 3:30 in the morning, transferred to a former Royal Air Force hanger, and given the “Squid Game” uniform along with some warm clothing. 

However, as soon as filming began, they were asked to remove their jackets, leaving them exposed in the game suit. The contestants claim that the game lasted far longer than the promised two hours, stretching on for seven hours or more.

The conditions described by the contestants have sparked concern and criticism, with many calling for a thorough investigation into the production of the show. The contestants’ accounts paint a picture of a reality show gone wrong, where contestants were subjected to grueling conditions that were far from the “million-dollar” prize they were promised.

“It was just the cruelest, meanest thing I’ve ever been through, We were a human horse race, and they were treating us like horses out in the cold racing, and [the race] was fixed.”

“All the torment and trauma we experienced wasn’t due to the game or the rigor of the game,” another former player adds. “It was the incompetencies of scale — they bit off more than they could chew,” they added.

Numerous competitors reportedly passed out or collapsed due to the frigid conditions and having to remain motionless for long periods. At least four participants reportedly passed out, according to one of the anonymous contestants.

“It really was not a game show. It was a TV show, and we were basically extras in a TV show,” one stated.

via – Rolling Stone