Jenna Ortega Teases More Horror In Wednesday Season 2

Jenna Ortega Wednesday Season 2

Jenna Ortega, the star of Tim Burton’s TV series, “Wednesday,” revealed on Wednesday’s episode of Jimmy Fallon that the horror aspect of season 2 would be more prominent than the romantic aspect.

Ortega teased that viewers can expect to see Wednesday fighting her crimes rather than being caught up in romantic situations. The show, which follows the eldest daughter of the Addams family, is currently in the writing phase.

“We just started getting a writers’ room together, and kind of talking about it, And everyone’s [saying], we really want to up kind of the horror aspect a little bit, and then get Wednesday out of the romantic situation, and just let her be her own individual and fight her own crime.”

Wednesday Season 2

While there are no details yet about the plot or events of season 2, showrunners Al Gough and Miles Millar have given hints about what’s to come. In an interview with TV Line, Millar praised the actors’ performances and noted that there’s still more to explore with the characters. He also emphasized the importance of the relationship between Wednesday and Morticia and the idea that Wednesday is trying to find her path outside the family.

In another interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Gough and Millar discussed the possibility of a romance between Wednesday and her friend Enid. They noted that they’re open to exploring the friendship in every way and want to create paths that lead in unexpected directions.

As filming begins in a few months, fans of the series can look forward to more horror and new developments in the characters’ relationships. While the specifics remain unknown, it’s clear that “Wednesday” season 2 will continue to delve into the dark and quirky world of the Addams family.