Vince Gilligan got a Blank Check from Apple TV+ for his next show

Vince Gilligan got a Blank Check from Apple TV+ for his next sho

Last month, Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul writer Vince Gilligan and actor Rhea Seehorn would work together on a new Apple TV Plus program. The first endeavor Seehorn and Gilligan collaborated on was the Breaking Bad Better Call Saul prequel series, which Gilligan and Peter Gould co-created.

There isn’t much information about the new show, including its name; however, spoiler alert, a recent Deadline story states that it will be a “blended, realistic genre drama.”

According to Deadline, a multi-round bidding war occurred between at least eight networks and streaming companies interested in reading the screenplay and learning more.

According to Deadline, The budget is between $13.5 and $15 million for each episode, which is substantial yet still dwarfs House of the Dragon and LOTR: The Rings of Power. The show has already been given the go-ahead for two seasons without even producing a pilot episode, which shows Apple TV+’s faith in Gilligan.

Apple’s expanding Apple TV Plus library now includes the works of yet another great author. Ted Lasso, Severance, and The Morning Show are just a few popular shows on Apple TV Plus with prominent personalities.

If Gilligan’s untitled new project is anything like Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, it may be another major draw for the service.

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