Tommy Wiseau Returns to Direct: Trailer for His Next Film, Big Shark

Tommy Wiseau Big Shark

Oh Hai Shark!

Tommy Wiseau, the man behind the cult classic “The Room,” is back with a new project: “Big Shark.”

In the trailer for the film, we see a giant shark wreaking havoc on New Orleans, with firefighters George, Patrick, and Tim tasked with saving the city from destruction. The film also reunites Wiseau with his “The Room” co-star Greg Sestero.

While the concept of a giant shark attacking a city may seem familiar to fans of the “Sharknado” series, Wiseau’s take on the idea will surely be unique. The trailer also features an advertisement for Wiseau’s underwear brand, adding to the eccentricity of the project.

Despite being presented by Wiseau in 2019, the film has remained largely under wraps until the trailer’s release. Some may argue that the world could have done without the trailer altogether.

Regardless, fans of Wiseau’s particular brand of filmmaking are sure to be excited for “Big Shark.” As with “The Room,” Wiseau has written, directed, and produced the film himself, ensuring it will be a unique cinematic experience.

Watch the Trailer for Big Shark