Florence Pugh releases first Music as Singer-Songwriter

Florence Pugh Music

Florence Pugh, the talented actress, has added another feather to her cap by venturing into music with the release of two songs as part of the soundtrack for the film A Good Person, in which she co-stars.

The two songs, titled The Best Part and I Hate Myself, have been compiled into a double single called Allison’s Songs, named after her character in the movie.

It is too early to say whether Pugh’s incursion into music is an occasional indulgence or a severe intention, her debut as a singer and musician has already garnered attention. However, the path she will take as a musician remains to be seen, given the history of many famous actresses who have attempted music careers.

Florence Pugh releases first Music as Singer-Songwriter

Although Pugh sings well, the songs need more melodic originality to stand out among the plethora of similar productions by professional artists. The dream pop musical setting is reminiscent of bands like Beach House and Cigarettes After Sex, and the overall atmosphere is profound and abstract, but the songs fail to leave a lasting impression.

Nonetheless, Pugh’s first steps into music leave room for potential growth and development. If she chooses to pursue music full-time, the results could be different. For now, we have two songs that showcase her vocal talent, and we can only wait and see what the future holds for this multi-talented artist.