The Real Story of Walter White

One of the finest television shows ever produced is probably Breaking Bad. The story revolved around Walter White, a 50year old Chemistry teacher with lung Cancer, who decides to be in the Meth Business for his family’s survival. And thus follows the series of events affecting everyone he is close to.

Real life can occasionally be weirder than fiction. Walter White is a character that we get to know in the internationally popular television series Breaking Bad, a person who leads a totally average existence before turning into a mighty Drug Lord.

Yes, Walter White was a real-life drug dealer who produced methamphetamine and shared his tale in a documentary a few years ago. The fact that this individual lived in real life is the most impressive thing about this narrative.


“My name is Walter White, and I am a meth cook. I had the greatest methamphetamine in Alabama for ten years,” says the man in a VICE documentary. His story started in 1988 when he started living two lives. The honest Walter had stable employment that served as a cover for the production, transportation, and sale of meth. A story closely resembles Vince Gilligan’s made-up tale, unintentionally or on purpose.