The new Netflix Horror Series has Broken The Guinness Record for having Most Jump Scares

The new Netflix Horror Series has Broken The Guinness Record for having Most Jump Scares

Beginning in October, one of the most well-known horror shows on Netflix made its debut. The show recently received the Guinness World Record for having terrifying moments in a single episode.

Netflix confirmed in May 2020 that Mike Flanagan was putting the finishing touches on a screen adaptation of Christopher Pike’s 1994 novel The Midnight Club. Flanagan has set the record for the most jump scares in a single episode with his new show, The Midnight Club.

The protagonists of The Midnight Club are a group of hospice patients who gather each day at midnight to share terrifying tales. The big ensemble cast of the new drama consists of gifted young people distinguished by the caliber of their performances in each part.

The first episode of The Midnight Club, The Last Chapter, is said to have broken the record for the most jump scares displayed in a single episode depending on the transmission. It contains no less than 21 scary scenes in its 58 minutes.

In this regard, Mike Flanagan, co-creator and executive producer Leah Fong, executive producer Trevor Macy, and the Cast received the medal from Guinness World Records adjudicator Andrew Glass at The Club of Midnight at New York Comic Con 2022 before the show’s Netflix debut.

The most intriguing aspect of the case, however, is that Mike Flanagan freely acknowledged that he dislikes how frequently jump scares are used in the episodes of the dramas he creates.

The producer claims that it was a request made to him by individuals who approached him when he was writing the scripts for The Midnight Club.

Mike Flanagan on Jumpscares

“People have approached me throughout script development for most of my career and requested that we increase the jump scares. We decided to include as many jumps scare as we could in this endeavor “.