The Most Hated Episode of Friends by the Fans

Most Hated Episode Friends

Though fans still Binge watch Friends, again and again, even today, you can’t deny that there are some episodes of Friends that we skip because they are too Cringe or awkward to watch. Fans claimed that out of all the episodes, this one is the most hated Friends episode by the fans.

One of the most popular television sitcoms in recent years is Friends. The popular series debuted in 1994 and revolutionized the way shows were produced in the 1990s, becoming a pop culture icon. The series culminated in May 2004 when the final episode of the tenth and last season aired on NBC, capturing the attention of more than 52 Million viewers in the United States alone.

Rachel Green, Ross Geller, Monica Geller, Chandler Bing, Joey Tribiani, Phoebe Buffay, and fronting Friends, the group of six intimate friends, charmed millions of fans worldwide with their stories. Almost two decades have passed since that moment. Still, Friends has continued to be a unique program for loyal fans, including new generations.

Most Hated Episode of Friends by the Fans

The Friends episode viewers most dread seeing is The One with the Fake Party, season 4, episode 16. In this episode, Rachel Green throws an impromptu farewell party for Ross’s girlfriend, Emily, solely to seduce Joshua towards her.

Fans agree that this was one of Jennifer Aniston’s character’s most arrogant attitudes throughout the show’s ten seasons. Rachel pretends to be attracting Joshua by throwing Emily a party. Some fans couldn’t stand Rachel’s behavior towards Joshua and her desperation to make him fall for her.

To make the episode even more unwatchable, Rachel puts on her old cheerleader uniform to relive her glory days as the most popular girl in school. Her attempt to perform a somersault results in her knocking out a tooth.