10 signs that you’re Chandler Bing of your Group

sings that you are chandler bing from friends tv show

Friends was one of the most-watched television comedies ever. Following the 1994 debut, an instant smash, the six characters gained notoriety. For ten seasons, it held the attention of many people worldwide. One of the six friends, Chandler Bing, brought a sense of reality and caustic wit. It’s challenging to dislike him because of his wit. You are Chandler Bing if you are witty and use humor as a coping method. You’re uncomfortable and alone. You’re a gregarious person who is sensitive. Still unsure?

These signs will help you guide if you are Chandler Bing of your group.


You have an awkward smile

Though you have a beautiful smile, you are awkward around taking photos. You don’t smile naturally in front of the camera and are not very good at taking pictures.

chandler bing awkward smile

You’re Socially Awkward

The use of humor by Chandler is one of the most apparent problems. He obviously employs it as a protection mechanism to keep others from approaching him too closely. Even in his introduction, he states, “I’m Chandler. I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable.”

You are not good at advising your friends

Because you’re not very good at giving advice, you are the last person your friends turn to for guidance, and you enjoy it that way.

You’re Desperate For Love

You push possible love partners away before they even have a chance since you are so afraid of being abandoned, even if you never express your sentiments but have made it plain that you are searching for love. 

You’re a terrible dancer

Just because you can shake a leg doesn’t mean you can dance. Let’s leave it: You can’t dance to save your life.

You Pretend to like things even when you don’t

Do you frequently appear interested in topics you don’t care about, as Chandler does? Even though you prefer watching parades on TV and don’t care much for sports, you watch games with Joey and Ross to fit in and appear to be a guy.

Your friends love you for who you are

Just as you are. You do, in your unique way, care about your friends and go out of your way to support them, but you don’t hold them to a high standard.

You are not a fan of festivals

Are you as opposed to Thanksgiving as Chandler is because of the painful childhood experiences that occasionally cause you to experience emotional flashbacks?

You’re not the fit one

You don’t like things that need you to move around. You want to be healthy but are too lazy to work out. You want to be beneficial because you have so many gym memberships.

You always have to crack a joke.