The Marvels Won’t Screen in IMAX Unless Dune 2 Moves

The Marvels, the sequel to Captain Marvel from Marvel Studios, will only be shown in IMAX theaters if Dune: Part Two, which is set to be released one week before The Marvels, changes its November 3rd release date.

The CEO of IMAX remains confident that Dune: Part Two will not be delayed until 2024, despite some rumors suggesting otherwise. Recent reports mentioned that the makers of Dune: Part Two are considering a delay until 2024 due to the actors’ strike, which could hinder the film’s promotion if it extends into the fall, affecting its star-studded cast, including Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya.

During an IMAX earnings call, CEO Richard Gelfond explained that the Dune sequel has a planned “very long run time in IMAX,” approximately five to six weeks, which means The Marvels won’t be able to use IMAX screens during its November 10th opening. Gelfond firmly denied the reports of Warner Bros. delaying Dune: Part Two, stating that he believes it will stick to its current release date.

As for IMAX’s commitment to Dune, Gelfond expressed that they cannot show The Marvels during that time slot, but having a backup option like a Marvel movie is a good situation for IMAX to be in.

Unlike The Marvels, Dune: Part Two was shot specifically for IMAX, and it is being highly anticipated, being featured alongside other notable titles on the IMAX website, such as Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, Sony’s Gran Turismo, and Warner Bros.’ Blue Beetle.

Gelfond emphasized that Dune is already in the middle of a marketing campaign with trailers and promotional materials, and reversing the release date would incur unnecessary expenses. Additionally, due to Hollywood’s double strikes and limited IMAX real estate availability, it’s improbable that a delayed Dune: Part Two would get the same amount of run time in IMAX.

From a financial standpoint, postponing the release to allow for the cast to promote the film could cost Warner Bros. more than maintaining the lucrative engagement with IMAX. Gelfond questioned whether any potential gains from postponement could outweigh the loss of the six-week IMAX release and the uncertainty of facing competition in an uncertain year.