Rachel Zegler Comments About Snow White Have Sparked More Backlash

Rachel Zegler Comments About Snow White Have Sparked More Backlash

In the upcoming Disney live-action remake of Snow White, scheduled for release on March 22, 2024, audiences will witness a fresh take on the classic 1937 film. Directed by Marc Webb, the film stars Rachel Zegler as the protagonist princess, Snow White, and Gal Gadot as the formidable Witch Grimilde.

However, the new adaptation has caused quite a stir with its divergences from the original plot, notably the absence of the traditional dwarves, who other creatures will replace.

Addressing the concerns surrounding these changes, Rachel Zegler, during an interview dating back to the 2022 D23 Expo, confidently defended the production’s approach. Zegler stressed that times have evolved since the 1937 release, and the storyline needed to reflect a more contemporary perspective.

Snow White won’t depend on a prince’s rescue or yearn for true love in this rendition. Instead, she aspires to become a strong and visionary leader—inspired by the words of her late father, who believed in her fearlessness, justice, courage, and sincerity.

Recently, Zegler spoke to Vanity Fair and acknowledged the criticism that the new Snow White is being crafted in a “politically correct” manner. She acknowledged the need for this approach, explaining that the original cartoon is nearly 85 years old, and the modern retelling aims to portray a young woman with ambitions beyond the traditional fairy tale clichés. This adaptation seeks to redefine Snow White’s character, moving away from the notion of simply waiting for her prince charming.

As the anticipation for the film’s release grows, the production team remains steadfast in their conviction that this fresh perspective on Snow White will resonate with audiences. By embracing change and adapting the story to contemporary values, they hope to bring viewers a captivating and empowering experience, showcasing a new facet of Snow White’s journey that celebrates independence, ambition, and determination rather than relying on outdated and stereotypical fairy tale tropes.