Jake Gyllenhaal knocks out his opponent while filming for his new Film

Road House Jake Gyllenhaal Conor McGregor

At a recent UFC 285 weigh-in, the crowd was in for a surprise when a very muscular Jake Gyllenhaal stepped onto the scales. 

Brokeback Mountain actor was in character for his upcoming film, the Road House remake, in which he stars alongside former UFC fighter Jay Hieron. The pair even performed a fictional altercation, with Gyllenhaal shouting at the crowd and Hieron promising to put him to sleep the next night.

Conor McGregor, who also stars in the film but not in this particular scene, asked the crowd to be loud for the cameras ahead of Gyllenhaal’s appearance. Gyllenhaal even jumped into the octagon between matches to perform a fictional fight scene with Hieron.

Road House Remake: Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Conor McGregor

Directed by Doug Liman, director of Edge of Tomorrow and Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the new film is a remake of the 1989 movie starring Patrick Swayze. 

Jake Gyllenhaal, an A-list actor known for his roles in Nightcrawler, Donnie Darko, The Day After Tomorrow, Brokeback Mountain, and Spider-Man: Far From Home, is going all out to ensure his character in the movie is as realistic and convincing as possible.

It remains to be seen how the film will turn out and if Gyllenhaal’s performance will be worth all the effort. Nonetheless, it is commendable that he is putting in so much effort to get into character and make the film as authentic as possible. 

Conor McGregor’s role in Road House

Not much is known about Conor McGregor’s role in Road House, which marks his first feature film, but as a former UFC champion and most prominent name in mixed martial arts with a record of 22-6, he is expected to bring his fighting skills to the movie. 

McGregor is responsible for eight of the ten most purchased UFC pay-per-view events ever, and despite breaking his leg in his last fight in July 2022, he will return to fight Michael Chandler around September this year.