Squid Game actor O Yeong-su Charged with Sexual Misconduct

Squid Game O Yeong-su Charged with Sexual Misconduct

South Korean actor O Yeong-su, best known for his appearance in the series “Squid Game,” as Oh Il-nam is embroiled in controversy after an “indecent touching” accusation against him resurfaced.

O Yeong-su was accused of inappropriately touching a woman. In mid-2017, a woman accused the “Squid Game” actor of indecently touching her. The South Korean prosecutor’s office has reopened this accusation against the actor.

Squid Game actor O Yeong-su Charged with Sexual Misconduct

In 2017, the actor consistently rejected the allegations against him. The actor repeatedly denied the accusations, and the police decided to close the case. For this reason, due to the lack of evidence and because of his age, the police closed the topic. Five years later, the prosecution has reopened it.

O Yeong-su said he only “held the woman’s hand.” At the time, O Yeong-su denied improperly touching the woman, and the actor clarified that he only held her hand. “I only took her hand to show her a way around a lake.”

The actor apologized to the woman but clarified that he was “not admitting fault.” The actor had to apologize to the woman publicly. However, he explained that his apologies were not an admission of guilt. The affected woman does not think the same as the actor.

O Yeong-su will have to face the courts. If this investigation continues, O Yeong-su will have to defend himself in South Korean courts. At the moment, there is no agreement between the parties. Netflix has not said anything about the actor’s future in the series. The one who has mysteriously remained silent has been Netflix, which has a zero-tolerance policy for any abuse scandal.

Although O Yeong-su’s character died in the first season, she became so popular that she was expected to return in some capacity in the second season. Fans defend the actor saying, “He is not a villain in real life.”
Hundreds of fans have defended the actor, assuring him that he “is not a villain in real life.” Others allude to the advanced age of the actor and minimize the woman’s history.

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