Matthew Perry says he’ll remove Keanu Reeves Insult in Future Editions of his Memoir

Matthew Perry Keanu Reeves Memoir

In October of last year, Matthew Perry, well-known for his role as Chandler Bing on Friends, sparked controversy with comments about Keanu Reeves in his memoir Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing. 

While discussing the loss of his friend River Phoenix, Perry questioned why Reeves, who starred alongside Phoenix in the film My Own Private Idaho, was still alive while Phoenix had died so young. 

Keanu Reeves’ best friend, River Phoenix, tragically lost his life in 1993 from a heroin overdose at 23. Perry wrote that it always seemed to be the most talented people who left us too soon. 

What exactly did Matthew Perry say about Keanu Reeves?

River was a lovely man, inside and out – too beautiful for this world; it turned out. It’s always the talented guys who go down. How come original thinkers like River Phoenix and Heath Ledger are dead, but Keanu Reeves is still with us? Perry wrote in his book.

Perry again called out Keanu Reeves, making a derogatory remark by mentioning the death of comedian Chris Farley. “I punched through the wall in Jennifer Aniston’s dressing room when I found out, And Keanu Reeves is still with us,” Perry said.

Matthew Perry will remove Keanu Reeves’s Insult in Future Editions of his Memoir

Perry expressed regret for these comments during a recent appearance at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, stating that he plans to remove them from future editions of his book. “I said a stupid thing. It was a mean thing to do,” Perry acknowledged.

Perry acknowledged his writing was stupid and said he chose Reeves’ name because they lived on the same street. He apologized publicly to Reeves and noted that any future versions of his book would not include Reeves’ name. Perry did not apologize directly to Reeves in person but expressed his willingness to do so if they were to meet.