Twilight Author Stephenie Meyer Reveals her first Choice to Play Edward Cullen

Twilight Author Stephenie Meyer Reveals her first Choice to Play Edward Cullen

According to Variety, Henry Cavill was Stephenie Meyer’s preferred pick to play Edward Cullen in the film series based on her novel Twilight.

“The sad thing is losing my beautiful Edward,” Meyers said on her blog in 2017 when she announced that Summit Entertainment had optioned her book, Twilight Saga.

Meyers continued by describing several prospective performers for the starring role. She was adamant, though, that Henry Cavill was the “only actor I’ve ever seen who I think could come close to pulling off Edward Cullen.”

On a recent edition of the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Cavill addressed the idea that he would make a good Edward Cullen.

The actor admitted that when the first Twilight film was released, he was unaware that Meyer thought of him as the “ideal Edward.” Additionally, he said that because he was unaware of the job, he had no hatred toward Pattinson.

“I didn’t realize they were interested in casting me, and the internet wasn’t quite the resource it is now, so I found out after the fact. Oh, okay, that would have been nice, I thought. Not at all, Cavill remarked, “since I wasn’t aware of the movie.”

Because he was older, Cavill was passed up for the Twilight role. However, he said during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show that he doesn’t think passing up significant roles is terrible.

Cavill stated, “Basically, I came close to many things and didn’t get them, but it’s amusing that people think it’s terrible. Everyone in Hollywood, or the acting business, is competing for roles, but they may need to be more forthcoming.

Therefore, rather than being wrong, missing out on significant jobs to get a chance to be in the spotlight is a positive thing. And for each one of those, I give thanks.