Queen Elizabeth used to watch this Netflix show every Sunday

Queen Elizabeth used to watch this Netflix show every Sunday

Since Peter Morgan’s critically praised Netflix series The Crown, which chronicles the life and history of England’s nobility, was released in 2016, many people have questioned whether the actual royal family is a fan.

And they are. The majesty used to watch the show every Sunday, especially in the first few seasons when Claire Foy was the actress who played Queen Elizabeth. But Prince Philip and his wife did not have the same interests and didn’t like the show.

The Crown has been viewed by several other Royal family members over the years. Harry acknowledged to James Corden that he had watched the show and, on the whole, liked it.

Before her passing, the Queen watched the episode, according to Matt Smith. He played Prince Philip in his earlier years on the show. He also spoke about his encounter with Prince Harry. He said, “He came up to me and called me Grand-dad” since he saw the show.

Given the nature of the program, The Crown is an unusual instance. Still, since Queen Elizabeth was a major lover of TV shows, it is not surprising that she watched them. She reportedly used to watch it on a projector on a Sunday night.