Quentin Tarantino Responds to Kanye West’s Allegations about Django

Quentin Tarantino Responds to Kanye West's Allegations about Django

In an interview with Piers Morgan, Kanye West claimed that he was the one who came up with the idea for Django Unchained. The idea is supposed to have originated from West and Foxx’s 2005 collaboration on the music video for the song “Gold Digger.”

Jamie Foxx’s character Django, a formerly enslaved person, collaborates with Christopher Waltz’s King Schultz, a bounty hunter, in Quentin Tarantino’s 2012 film Django Unchained to save his wife.

Tarantino can write a film about slavery. He and Jamie Foxx got the idea from me because I proposed the idea for Django to Jamie Foxx and Quentin Tarantino for the Gold Digger video. And then Tarantino turned it into a movie, Said Kanye West.

These statements spread swiftly over the world and reached Quentin Tarantino, who refuted West’s charges while a guest on Jimmy Kimmel.

There’s nothing genuine in the fact that Kanye West came up with the idea for Django and then said to me, and I was like, “Hey, wow, that’s an excellent idea. Let me get the idea of ​​Kanye and let me do Django Unchained”. It didn’t happen. I had had the idea for Django for a while before I met Kanye. 

He desired to make a massive film adaptation of The College Dropout. 

He wanted great directors to create movies based on each album’s tunes to distribute the entire album as one film. These weren’t videos or anything disgusting like videos; instead, they were films based on each track.

It gave us a reason to get together, and we had a terrific time. It was an amusing concept. And West had a concept for a video. He was going to be enslaved, in my opinion, for the “Gold Digger” video. He sings “Gold Digger” while an enslaved person; the entire thing is a slave story. And it was delightful.