Five Movies and Series about Queen Elizabeth II that you should Watch

Five Movies and Series about Queen Elizabeth II that you can Stream

On September 8, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II passed away quietly at Balmoral Castle. The world was devastated to learn of her passing. Many people are reflecting on her legacy in the wake of the longest-reigning British monarch’s passing.

Look at the Five Movies and Series about Queen Elizabeth II that you can Stream

The Queen (2006)

Hellen Mirren portrays Queen Elizabeth II. The biographical drama film with Helen Mirren in the lead role. The film depicts what happened when Diana, Princess of Wales, passed away in 1997. It emphasizes the challenges experienced by Queen Elizabeth II after Princess Diana’s passing. The film received several nominations for various prizes, and Mirren took home the Oscar for Best Actress.

It’s available on Amazon Prime.

Elizabeth and Margaret: Love and Loyalty (2020)

The complicated, primarily misunderstanding connection between Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret is examined in-depth in this film. Princess Margaret gave up her happiness to protect her brother and the kingdom.

It’s available on Netflix.

A Royal Night Out (2015)

“Victory Day in Europe is May 8, 1945. Princess Margaret and her sister Elizabeth are excited to participate in the festivities outside Buckingham Palace as London celebrates the war’s end. Both are permitted to go undercover to join in the festivities, starting a night full of excitement, danger, and romance.

It’s available on Amazon Prime.

Elizabeth the Unseen Queen (2022)

This never-before-seen candid film and conversations with the royals “may frequently convey the joy beneath the formality,” as Queen Elizabeth observes in the documentary. Seeing her play and sing with her sister in childhood home movies is beautiful.

It’s available on Amazon Prime.

The Crown (2016)

It tells the tale of Elizabeth II, the reigning monarch of England, and the relationship between two of the most illustrious houses in the world. It also explores the intrigues, love triangles, and political maneuvers that helped to shape the second half of the 20th century.

Each season explores the problematic balance between Elizabeth II’s private and public lives as it relates to the political rivalries and interpersonal intrigues that occurred throughout a particular decade of her reign. 

It’s available on Netflix.