Pedro Almodóvar does not believe that Ana De Armas is the new Penélope Cruz after her Oscar nomination

Pedro Almodóvar Ana De Armas Penélope Cruz

Pedro Almodóvar received the Feroz de Honor Award this Saturday at the gala held in Zaragoza. During the walk on the carpet, they asked him about the international success of Ana de Armas and her comparisons with Penélope Cruz. Still, the Manchego director clearly says the Blonde actress is not “the new Penélope Cruz.

Pedro Almodóvar received the Feroz de Honor Award in tribute to his career this Saturday in Zaragoza. A most memorable moment in his professional career that he shared with many colleagues but that he specifically dedicated to Agustí Villaronga.

On the red carpet at the Feroz Awards, he earned warm applause from those present and, above all, admiring glances. Happy with this recognition, Pedro revealed that he would dedicate this Feroz Honor Award to “Agustí Villaronga, who died a few days ago and had to collect the award instead of me.” Remember that it was on January 22 when the film director died at 69 in Barcelona, ​​according to the Film Academy.

In addition to Villaronga, Almodóvar emphasizes that his award is also dedicated to all the people who have worked with him and that Penelope has a huge capacity; she is greatly responsible for the films I have made,” he affirms, recalling Penélope Cruz.

When asking the director about Ana de Armas’ Oscar nomination, he stated that Ana de Armas deserves the Oscar for her outstanding portrayal of Marilyn, But it cannot be said that she is the new Penélope. 

“No. I think both can co-exist. They’re very different and I think both will continue to work a lot and they’re both in an incredible professional moment,” said Almodóvar.