Jimmy Kimmel to host 2023 Oscars

Jimmy Kimmel to host 2023 Oscars

Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the American program “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” has already been confirmed to host at 2023, 95th, Oscar Awards.

In 2017, when Moonlight won Best Picture, not La La Land, Kimmel presided over the ceremony for the first time. He hosted a second event in 2018.

On Sunday, March 12, 2023, the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles will hold the Hollywood Academy Awardees event, which Jimmy Kimmel will host. The gala will start in Spain from Sunday to Monday at roughly two in the morning.

In his statement, Kimmel claims, “A third invitation to present the Oscars can either be an honor or a trap. In any case, I appreciate the Academy for reaching out to me so quickly after all the deserving candidates declined, “The actor joked.

Those in charge of the Academy contribute that “Jimmy is the ideal host to aid us in recognizing the outstanding performers and motion pictures of our 95th Academy Awards.

For millions of viewers worldwide, his love of movies, his experience on live television, and his ability to connect with international audiences will create an unforgettable experience. Said Academy President Janet Yang and CEO Bill Kramer.