Margot Robbie seen crying while leaving Cara Delevingne’s House

Margot Robbie seen crying while leaving Cara Delevingne's House

On the Suicide Squad set in 2016, Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne got to know one another. They immediately became close friends and were always willing to support one another in difficult situations.

It all began when Cara was seen in the middle of the street acting “anxious and bewildered.” Cara Delevingne was observed in the middle of a public area in an “erratic manner.” The woman appeared messy as if she hadn’t had a shower in days as she swayed from side to side and repeatedly dropped her cell phone.

Cara had an untidy appearance and was sporting a “Britney Spears” t-shirt. She didn’t have any shoes on, and that was one thing we noticed. She was wearing some filthy black socks.

One of Cara’s closest friends and coworkers, Margot Robbie, was seen crying in front of the model’s house a week after the scandal. Margot Robbie, a close friend of Cara Delevingne, was observed sobbing as she left the residence. It’s unknown if Cara was at her home, but many believe Margot Robbie was upset over her friend’s state of health.

The issues with Delevingne’s mental health are not new. A few years ago, she admitted having suicidal thoughts during an interview.