Nicolas Cage remembers losing a game of pool to Keanu Reeves

Nicolas Cage Keanu Reeves pool

During a recent question-and-answer session with fans on Reddit, actor Nicolas Cage shared a humorous story about his experience playing pool with Keanu Reeves.

Cage and his co-star Nicolas Hoult were taking questions from fans when a user asked what their favorite Keanu Reeves movie was. Hoult quickly named John Wick and Speed, while Cage took the opportunity to share a funny story about Reeves’ pool-playing skills.

According to Cage, Reeves came to his house on his motorcycle one night and dominated him at the pool, making every impossible shot he attempted. Cage said he had mixed emotions about Reeves’ skill on the table, as he had utterly destroyed him in their game.

Despite this, Cage shared that he had enjoyed some of Reeves’ earlier work, specifically mentioning Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and River Boys.

In addition to the pool-playing story, Cage also revealed that he drank his blood on the set of his upcoming film Renfield, where he plays the role of Dracula. The tusks used in the movie were real and made of ceramic, which caused Cage to bite his lip and drink his blood during filming accidentally.