Kylie Jenner says It’s a misconception that She had Tons of Plastic Surgery on her face

Kylie Jenner misconception Plastic Surgery

Kylie Jenner, the social media personality and beauty mogul in the plastic surgery world, recently spoke about the misconceptions surrounding her facial surgeries in an interview with Homme Girls for their spring/summer 2023 issue. The 25-year-old star acknowledged that she has fillers but is not as “plastic” as people assume.

Jenner revealed that a significant misconception about her is that she has undergone extensive cosmetic surgery and was insecure about her appearance.

Jenner’s first beauty product was the Kylie Lip Kit, launched in 2015. Kylie explained that while she wanted full lips, she was always confident about her looks growing up. However, she admitted to getting lip fillers due to her “one lip insecurity thing” and emphasized that it was the best thing she ever did and didn’t regret it.

During the 2021 “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” reunion, she revealed that her love for makeup stemmed from insecurities around her lips, which began after a boy told her that she was a “good kisser” but had “such small lips.” Although she has been open about getting lip fillers, she denied ever having plastic surgery in a 2019 interview with Paper Magazine.

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters have been accused of promoting unrealistic beauty standards and sharing photoshopped images on their social media accounts, making it difficult for netizens to believe Jenner’s claims.

In the Homme Girls interview, Jenner spoke about how being a mother has changed her outlook on beauty and self-confidence. She mentioned that being a mother has made her love herself more, and she sees her features in her daughter and son, which has further increased her self-love.

Jenner’s comments about her facial surgeries sparked skepticism on social media, with Twitter users sharing memes and GIFs expressing their disbelief and sharing before and after pictures.