Dwayne ‘The Rock Johnson confirms Black Adam 2 Canceled

Dwayne 'The Rock Johnson Black Adam 2

James Gunn‘s purge of the DC universe continues. Last was The Rock‘s, Black Adam. After speaking with the director of Guardians of the Galaxy, the actor wrote on Twitter how he learned that his character would not be present in the first chapter of the new narrative universe. However, even according to the words that Gunn himself wrote commenting on The Rock’s post, we may see him again in the future.

Johnson played Black Adam, a popular villain in the DC Comics universe, for several years. The character was initially slated to appear in the standalone film Shazam!, but the plans changed to have Black Adam appear in his standalone movie. After the mixed reviews from critics and Black Adam’s failure to succeed financially, Black Adam was doomed to get canceled.

Many fans are curious to see what direction James Gunn will take the DC universe in. Johnson’s comments suggest that he is on board with Gunn’s vision for the franchise. Regardless of when Black Adam finally appeared in the DCEU, it is clear that Johnson has stepped down from the role, and the character is heading in under Gunn’s direction. 

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