Kate Moss Denied Johnny Depp Ever pushed her Down the Stairs

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss dated Between 1994 and 1997, and one of the rumor circulated around was that Johnny Depp pushed her down the stairs. The British Supermodel has denied those allegation.

Amber Heard, described that she was hitting Johnny on staircase because Depp was hitting Heard’s Sister Whitney. Heard Mentioned Kate Moss and a rumour that Depp had pushed Moss down the stairs when they dated.

Though Moss in today’s testimony denied all those rumors and also confirmed that Depp has never assaulted her, She said she once slip down a flight of stairs after a rainstorm as a Jamaican resort, and that Depp came for her help.

Kate Moss testified via a live video link:

JD’s Lawyer : what happened in Jamaica when you were with JD? KM: i slipped down the stairs and hurt my back and i screamed and he came running back to help me and carried me back to my room and got me medical attention.
JD’s Lawyer : did he push you down the stairs? KM: No
JD’s Lawyer : did he ever push you? KM: he never pushed or kicked me.

Her testimony was less then 5 Minutes and was not cross-examined.