Joe Jonas on losing The Amazing Spider-Man Role to Andrew Garfield

Joe Jonas Amazing Spider-Man Andrew Garfield

Joe Jonas disclosed that he accidentally cost himself the Spider-Man job a few years ago. On the “Just for Variety” podcast, the well-known singer and member of the band “Jonas Brothers” said that he came close to landing the part for the 2012 release of The Amazing Spider-Man. Which ultimately went to Andrew Garfield.

“I remember years ago; I was ready to be Spider-Man. I was so excited, he initially said but explained that the role was given to Andrew Garfield in the end.

“He was the right one,” the musician admitted ten years later. “He was our director on a music video, so I thought I had the role for sure,” he said. As he said, he had collaborated with the film’s director, Mark Webb, on a video clip.

However, he says he enjoyed the audition process. “I love the whole audition process. You’re putting yourself out there and being called upon to prove your worth,” the singer said.

After failing to get a part in the Spider-Man movie, Jonas decided to channel all his energy into his music, he said in closing.