Emilia Clarke Hints at Daenerys Targaryen Returning in the Game of Thrones Spin-off

Emilia Clarke Daenerys Targaryen

A few weeks after the release of House of the Dragon, Game of Thrones Star, Emilia Clarke indicated that she could once again return as Daenerys Targaryen in HBO’s new spin-off ‘Snow.’ Which is based on the novel written by George R. R. Martin.

The demise of fan favorite Daenerys Targaryen was one of several storyline points in the last season of Game of Thrones that received backlash.

Jon Snow chooses to murder Daenerys because he believes she resembles the Mad King. Many viewers were upset with the character’s outcome, and it seems like Emilia Clarke herself had some issues with some of the events.

The British actress was open-minded to taking part in the Jon Snow series. However, it is unclear how given that Daenerys died at the end of “Game of Thrones,” the new plot would occur after the series conclusion.

Kit Harington will be the center of the Jon Snow spin-off, which will follow what happened to him and his brother, Bran Stark was crowned king on the Iron Throne.

During a Fan Fest question-and-answer session, the actress clarified how she felt about how her character should finish and what would be appropriate for her story.

“I still don’t think Daenerys was wrong. I’m on her side. It’s not fair that he can live. I want Daenerys with him. With Jon. They could go to family therapy and fix their problems. Daenerys is a very optimistic person, she has many hopes, and I wish I could make it,”

The whereabouts of Dany’s body are still a mystery. Her dragon carried her to Volantis, a city where Red Priestesses lived after she had died away. They were famous for having the ability to bring the dead back to life. The priestess Melisandre, who brought Jon Snow back to life, is the best representation of that.