Chris Hemsworth to Say Goodbye to Thor, No Plan of Returning?

Chris Hemsworth to Say Goodbye to Thor, No Plan of Returning?

Chris Hemsworth is nearing the end of his tenure as the God of Thunder Thor after more than ten years. The Australian actor told Vanity Fair that the following installment of the saga should be the final one.

Let’s close his story if I make a new film; you know what I mean? He deserves it. I think it would probably be the ending, but what I’m saying is not based on anything anyone told me or any plan. There’s a hero’s birth, a hero’s journey, and then there’s death, and I don’t know what stage we’re in. Who knows?

Those who did see the Taika Waititi film would know that the God of Thunder will make a comeback. The question that pops into one’s head is whether it will be a follow-up standalone movie or a protracted cameo in another MCU venture. 

Hemsworth said he was “completely open” to another Thor movie in case there’s something unique, fresh, and unexpected to do with the character and the world.

The only thing the actor hasn’t said he’s open to is working with a “crazy genius” director. I’ve always loved making them. I am very grateful that I could do something different every time – he said.

Four months, five months of shooting, and then you have the press, possible reshoots, etc. I’m right at the point where I meet different directors, and people say, “Oh yeah, look, he’s a crazy genius. He’s crazy, but he’s a genius and will make great movies.” And I think: “Is it with him that I want to spend my days?”

Another Solo Thor Movie?

Chris Hemsworth has already discussed Thor’s comeback and stated that he would continue to portray the character until he is removed from the stage. The actor has lately spoken about playing the part again in the newly released Marvel Studios Assembled: The Making of Thor: Love and Thunder, raising questions about it.