Jennifer Aniston Reveals how she overcame her Insomnia and Sleepwalking

Jennifer Aniston Reveals how she overcame her Insomnia and Sleepwalking

In an interview, Jennifer Aniston said that she has struggled with severe sleep issues for years, including sleeplessness, sleepwalking, and anxiety. However, she doesn’t have any of those problems now. She is now focusing on obtaining enough sleep for his health.

“The actress started off working for People. It took me some time to identify the issue. I believe it began when I was 30 or perhaps earlier. Since you think you are indestructible while young, you scarcely notice it.

The repercussions of sleep deprivation on my day-to-day life, career, physical health, and mental health were first something I just accepted.

The more I worried about it, the more difficult it was for me to reconcile the sleep. Jennifer Aniston recounted her nervousness before going to bed, struggling to fall asleep, finding herself fixated on time and the amount of sleep she was missing.

She even started sleeping and walking: “I have a history of doing it. I was awakened by the alarms that I set off around the home. I believe it no longer occurs to me since, at the time, I was sleep deprived, “She remembered.

The actress resisted getting medical care for a long time before realizing her health was jeopardized.

It started to be a genuine challenge. You can’t maintain your health and diet without a decent night’s sleep since your biological clock has been “altered,” which was one of my lowest priorities.

So, when she finally acknowledged that she “needed medical care,” her issues significantly improved. Jennifer now urges everyone in a similar situation to consult a doctor without delay.