Jennifer Aniston explains what Rachel and Ross would be like today

Jennifer Aniston played Rachel Green in one of the most famous shows of the 90’s ‘Friends.’ She was one of the six Friends. After leaving Barry (her Fiance) at the altar, She moves in with her high school best friend Monica, who she hasn’t spoken to in several years. From there, she joins the other 5 Friends. She also played the love interest of Ross Geller, Monica’s Brother, with whom she had many ups and down throughout the show. Despite numerous highs and lows, Rachel and Ross end up together at the end of the show, When Rachel finally gets off the plane.

In an interview with NBC to promote her Netflix film Murder Mystery, Jennifer Aniston was questioned about her most famous on-screen persona, Rachel from Friends.

The actress was questioned by the Journalist about the characters’ present circumstances. The actress claims that they are still together now.

“Where would Rachel Green be if she were alive right now? The Journalist questioned, “Would she be with Ross? “Yea. Of course,” she confirmed. “Emma would be an adult. Would she be a student there? She continued, quoting the couple’s daughter, “I don’t think so.

Adam Sandler, her costar in the movie Murder Mistery, who was also a participant in the conversation, said: “She would be smoking with a vaporizer in high school. And you’d be looking the other way, disguising that you don’t know.”

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