Jennifer Aniston Almost lost her Role as Rachel in Friends to this Actress

Jennifer Aniston Almost lost her Role as Rachel in Friends to this Actress

It would be tough for Friends Fans to imagine the role Rachel Green played by any other actress. But before Jennifer Aniston was cast, someone else first auditioned for the job and could not accept it at the time.

Out of all the other cast members, Jennifer Aniston distinguished herself the most over time. She emerged as the most successful out of all six friends.

However, the writers of the NBC network program gave Jane Sibbett, a young actress with talent comparable to the actress, the part before they even considered Jennifer Aniston for it.

The actress declined the part and went on to play Ross Geller’s ex-wife Carol Willick in a supporting role for which she also acquired a great deal of fame.

The real reason Jane Sibbet turned down Rachel Green

Jane Sibbet said she couldn’t take it and finally chose a supporting role with less commitment to the project. I didn’t regret it, even though I was anticipating it. Although they wanted me to portray Rachel, I usually don’t discuss it since only Jennifer Aniston could have done the role right. No one has ever come close to doing what Jennifer Aniston did with Rachel.

Jessica Hecht played Susan, Carol’s girlfriend, alongside Jane Sibbett in the comedy’s 15 episodes and eventual wife. When Friends was on the television (from 1994 to 2004), both the actress had the chance to appear in it. They were sharing in its immense popularity in terms of viewers and critical praise, including six Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe, and a BAFTA, among others.