Japanese Restaurant Closed In Florida After Meth was Found In Soy Sauce

Japanese Restaurant Closed In Florida After Meth was Found In Soy Sauce

A Japanese steakhouse in Florida was shut down after seven individuals claimed to have been poisoned with methamphetamines following their visit to one of the restaurant’s hibachi tables. The incident occurred last month and prompted an investigation by the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the Pensacola News Journal, three people, represented by their attorney, came forward on June 10, stating that they had tested positive for meth and were seeking answers regarding the source of their contamination. However, the sheriff’s office closed the case without making any arrests due to a lack of evidence to determine how the poisoning occurred.

Despite the lack of legal implications, the owners of Nikko Japanese Steakhouse in Santa Rosa County, Florida, have decided to close their establishment. The decision was primarily influenced by the negative backlash they experienced on social media following the incident.

On Friday, the restaurant took to its Facebook page to communicate its closure through a detailed message. Expressing gratitude to the local community for their loyal patronage over the past decade, Nikko Japanese Steakhouse clarified that the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office had found no connection between the restaurant and the allegations.

Furthermore, the health department conducted a thorough examination, ultimately permitting the restaurant to resume operations. Regrettably, despite the support of their faithful customers, the owners determined that more was needed to sustain the business, leading to their closure.