James Cameron Dismisses Avatar 2 VFX Comparision with Marvel, ‘Not Even Close’

James Cameron Avatar VFX Marvel

James Cameron, the director of Avatar: The Way of Water, has spoken about the visual effects in his movie. He claims that his film’s VFX work is of a high caliber. He became irritated during an interview when someone compared the visual effects of “Avatar” to Marvel movies. 

“Avatar” is a wholly VFX-reliant movie because the people in this movie are from a different planets. They have magical abilities; They don’t resemble earthly beings in appearance or speak that way. Along with creating the new universe in this movie, a new language was created for the characters.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe, or MCU, came up throughout the conversation Because superheroes are also created with significant visual effects in his movies. So the question arose: Does James feel inspired to raise the caliber of his VFX by watching Marvel movies?

“Obviously. These films based on comic books are driving the industry to a high level. When the technique is good, it elevates everyone. It gives you artists of good quality. There are plug-ins and codes on which this whole system runs. Now you have more capable people writing these codes.  

When comparing the VFX of ‘Avatar – The Way of Water’ to Marvel, James Cameron said-

“Our team at WETA Digital constantly has new hires, and it’s coming out of that pool, so it improves everything. That said, WETA FX, as it’s called now, is the best. Right? Industrial Light & Magic does great work, but when it comes to the kind of emotive facial stuff that we’re doing, Thanos? Come on. Give me a break. You saw [Avatar: The Way of Water]. It’s not even close. It’s what WETA did.”

When discussing VFX, keep this in mind. He was recently accused of paying very little by a WETA employee who worked on the VFX on “Avatar.” That artist was forced to quit their employment as a result.

James Cameron has previously Spoken out Against Marvel Movies

Films based on Marvel or DC characters have never had James Cameron’s endorsement. Marvel characters, according to Cameron, act like college students who are kids. But Cameron strives to give his characters a sense of maturity. This is the biggest flaw in Marvel movies.