Russo Brothers say Disney’s Live-Action ‘Hercules’ will be Inspired by TikTok

Russo Brothers say Disney's Live-Action 'Hercules' will be Inspired by TikTok

According to Variety, Joe and Anthony Russo, who will serve as producers along with Guy Ritchie as the film’s director, said that the live-action adaptation of Hercules from Disney would aim to do things differently from previous Disney live-action remakes.

Disney intends to adapt all of its timeless stories into live-action movies. Hercules is one of the following names on the list. The Russo Brothers will produce this movie, oddly referred to as a contemporary TikTok-inspired musical.

“Hercules will be a little more experimental in tone, a little more experimental in execution ,” says Russos. “I think they’re Disney excited to see what we can all bring to the table in a way that’s not just a remake of the animated film,” they added. 

Of course, it makes sense to capitalize on a comedy-heavy movie where the music is too important to try something new. But what does TikTok have to do with any of this?

“There are questions about how to translate it as a musical,” said the filmmakers. “Today’sTikTok has trained today’s audiences. What is your expectation of how that musical looks and feels? That can be a lot of fun and help us push the boundaries a little bit on how a modern musical is run.”

The live-action Hercules movie will take a different approach to the music than traditional Disney or Broadway musicals. Employ a brand-new formula inspired by or translated from contemporary digital trends.

Will Hercules’s live-action be Good?

Disney’s live-action films have earned little praise from reviewers and fans alike because they have all been box office duds, given how expensive they are to make.

Pinocchio recently made its Disney Plus debut, but it added nothing new or positive to this timeless story. The Little Mermaid is the next movie on the list. It has given admirers of the aquatic princess some hope, particularly for the actress who will play the lead role.