Mickey Rourke Calls Tom Cruise Irrelevant, Been doing the same part for 35 Years

Former Boxer Mickey Rourke called Tom Cruise “irrelevant” in light of his recent success with “Top Gun: Maverick,” and also insulted him.

That means nothing to me, Rourke said. For 35 years, Tom Cruise has played the same role. I don’t respect him at all.

“When I see Al Pacino or Christopher Walken work, or De Niro’s early work and Richard Harris and Ray Winstone, that’s the kind of actor I want to be.”

On a talk show with Piers Morgans, Morgan asked to Rourke, ” When you see someone like Tom Cruise grossing a Billion Dollars with Top Gun: Maverick, What do you think about that “? To which Rourke replied:

” That doesn’t mean sh*t to me, the guy has been doing the same role for 35 Years”

He also called out Amber Heard a Gold Digger, “I felt bad for somebody trying to get chopped down by some gold-digger.” Rourke slamed Amber Heard as a “gold-digger” after she lost her court case against Johnny Depp.