It’s Literally Not Possible To Get 100% On This Breaking Bad Quiz

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It's Impossible To Get 100% On This Breaking Bad Quiz

It's Impossible To Get 100% On This Breaking Bad Quiz

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What kind of R.V. do Walt and Jesse cook meth in?

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What’s Jesse’s old dream?

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Saul’s goons are named…

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Why does Tuco freak out and beat one of his men to death in the junkyard at the end of season one?

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A season two episode opens with a music video about Heisenberg. What’s the song — and episode — called?

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What was Mike Ehrmantraut’s career before working with Gus?

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In season five’s “Hazard Pay,” Skyler walks in on Walt, Walter Jr., and Holly watching…

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Who does Declan the drug dealer look like, according to one of Todd’s neo-Nazi uncles?

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Who was poisoned with ricin?

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Breaking Bad was nominated for Outstanding Drama Series four times at the Emmys. How many has times did it win?

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Frustrated after failing to get into his family’s house with a mealtime peace-offering, Walt throws this on the roof:

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Who was originally supposed to die by the end of season one?

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What song does Skyler sing to Ted Beneke?

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What’s Walt’s middle name?

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What street do Walt and Skyler live on?

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Which artist do Jesse and Jane go see an exhibition of?

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Gale Boetticher turned his scientific talents toward all the following pursuits EXCEPT:

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Saul consistently invokes this phrase-as-location:

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What word does Jesse say over and over in the metal song we hear him sing from his days in TwaüghtHammër?

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Before Gray Matter Technologies became a multi-billion dollar company, how much did Walt sell his share for?

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