House of the Dragon: Fans are not happy with the death of an LGBT Character

House of the Dragon: Fans are not happy with the death of an LGBT Character

Laenor Velaryon and Ser Joffrey Lonmouth, the show’s first homosexual pair, were introduced in the most recent episode of House of the Dragon. The violent end to their relationship, however, outraged many fans online.

In the episode, Laenor marries but keeps his extramarital relationships to position himself politically with Princess Rhaenyra. Although it appeared that everything was going Laenor and Joffrey’s way throughout, everything broke down at the wedding.

But it went all downhill. Joffrey is shown telling Ser Criston Cole, a fellow knight, that he was aware of his relationship with Rhaenyra. The marriage broke down as soon as it happened, and Criston killed Joffrey by beating him to death. After everything settled down, viewers were left with the unsettling sight of Laenor sobbing over his boyfriend’s body.

Since the situation was handled so nicely at the beginning of the episode, viewers of House of the Dragon condemned the show for the unfortunate way the relationship ended.

Los Angeles Times published a whole column dedicated to this particular episode and criticizes how the show promotes homophobia toward Gay People. They also criticized Game of Thrones, Saying there is no place for Gay People even in Medieval Times.

Anyway, Here is fans reaction on Twitter to the ending of Episode 5: