Elizabeth Olsen and Tom Holland Defends Marvel Movies from Being called Theme Park Movies

It is certainly not new that great filmmakers like Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola have had harsh words towards Marvel movies. Olsen, speaking to The Independent , said she resented these words.

She said:

It irritates me when people make Marvel movies look like inferior art. I’m not saying we make independent arthouse films, but I just think criticism takes away from our crew, which bothers me. They take away value from some of the most extraordinary set designers, costume designers, camera operators. I feel that belittling them with that kind of criticism belittles all the people who make award-winning films and who also work on these projects.

She went on to explain that she understands that Marvel makes a certain type of film for a large audience, but believes that this shouldn’t make people forget the qualities that are hidden in the films.

From an actor’s point of view, I understand that. I fully understand there are a different kind of performance. But I think belittling Marvel ends up belittling the hundreds of very talented people who work on these films. I get a little aggressive about it

Even Tom Holland , had responded to the criticisms brought to the Marvel world. In particular, the actor had addressed directly to Martin Scorsese .

You might ask Scorsese: “Would you like to make a Marvel movie?” but he doesn’t know what he’s like to make it because he’s never done one – he told The Hollywood Reporter. I’ve starred in both Marvel movies and movies that have been around the Oscars and the only difference, actually, is that one is a lot more expensive than the other. But the way you have to get  into  the character, the way the director decides the story arc and the characters – it’s the same, just done on a different scale. So I think they are true works of art.

When you make these movies, you know that for better or for worse, millions of people will see them. Whereas when you make a small indie movie, if it’s not very good no one will watch it, so it comes with different levels of pressure. I mean, you can also ask Benedict Cumberbatch or Robert Downey Jr. or Scarlett Johansson, people who have made both that Oscar-winning type of movie and superhero movie – and they’ll tell you they’re the same, just on a different scale.